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Final Fantasy 15 - Gigantoad, Wyvern, Mrylwood Firefly and Griffon

Take down the many beasts in The Professor's Protege's quests.

As part of the The Professor's Protege series of quests, Sania gives you a break from chasing frogs and instead wants you to hunt down monsters.

Following on from the second part of the questline where you find the Yellow Frogs, here's how to hunt down a Gigantoad, Wyvern, Mrylwood Firefly locations and Griffon, before finally - on the next article - The Frogs of Legend.

Where to find the Gigantoad for Sania

Quest giver: Complete 'The Professor's Protege - Yellow Frogs', then head to Old Lestallum, in the corner outside. She'll then give you a waypoint to the Malmalam Thicket dungeon.
Reward: 5000 EXP, Moon Pendant

To find a Gigantoad, you need to explore Malmalam Thicket nearby. Approach the waypoint given to you by car and you should easily find your way into the dungeon. We have a full Malmalam Thicket walkthrough, which you may as well use to completion while you are here, but if you're simply after the Gigantoad - or don't want to miss it - read on.

The creature you are looking for will only take a few minutes, since this is a very small dungeon, and Gigantoad will be grouped with a large number of other creatures.

The best way to get at it is to start with an Ice spell - the stronger the better - which will help clear some of the other monsters too. From there, warp in and get strikes in to kill the creature and finish the quest. If you then feel up to it, you are just a stone's throw away from a rest point and the boss, allowing you to complete the Tomb. Head back to Sania once done to trigger the next part of the quest.

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Where to find the Wyvern for Sania

Quest giver: Complete 'The Professor's Protege - Gigantoad', then head to the Verinas Mart at the base of Ravatogh. Find her outside by the geyser to start the quest.
Reward: 8000 EXP, Earth Pendant

Similar to Gigantoad, this is part way through a dungeon, specifically Rock of Ravatogh. We have a full Rock of Ravatogh dungeon walkthrough which tells you how to complete the entire area, otherwise read on for the specific location of the Wyvern.

After the steep climbing section where you have to manage the stamina, the path splits left and right, the right being a lava-filled hill.

Go left, and there is a pack of Wyverns. They're suspect able to ice, so a strong ice spell will clear the lot very quickly if you have one, otherwise Ignis's Enhancement Technique - which enchants Noct's weapon with the weakness of a targeted enemy - can go far here.

Where to find the Myrlwood Fireflies for Sania

Quest giver: Complete 'The Professor's Protege - Wyvern', and travel to the Meldacio Hunter HQ in the north west of the map, east along the road from the Vesperpool. Sania is located by the road near the tunnel.
Reward: 10,000 EXP, Golden Hourglass

Another quest, another dungeon to explore, this time the Myrlwood, which is positioned west of the Vesperpool. We have a full Myrlwood Forest dungeon walkthrough if you need it, otherwise it's a fairly linear affair.

After the camping spot half-way, continue on to the final opening near the tomb, where the Fireflies will be. Note these only come out at night, so we recommend vanquishing the boss here and waiting until nightfall for the specimens to show up.

There are three in total to find. Two are in the first half of the area, one at the base of the tree just ahead, and the second on the right out in the open.

Check the base of the tree, then to the right, for the first two fireflies.

The third is located in the far left corner, up a small rock ledge with the Tomb in sight.

The third and final firefly is in front and to the left of the Tomb entrance.

Each fireflies glow in the dark, all three should be reasonably easy to spot, but if you're struggling, then wait until it's dawn where it's a little lighter. Once done, head back to Sania.

Need more help? Our Final Fantasy 15 guide and walkthrough can provide tips on the open-world's many quests and activities. Learning how to get AP fast, EXP fast and Gil fast in Final Fantasy 15 will aid you in the many optional dungeons and tombs - including how to open and explore their locked doors. And if you want to get around easier, you can rent a Chocobo, learn the infinite sprint trick and later in the game, get the flying car Regalia Type F. There's also more to see and do with DLC, such as with Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto and multiplayer Comrades packs.

Where to fight the Griffon for Sania

Quest giver: Complete 'The Professor's Protege - Mrylwood Fireflies', and travel to Coernix Station - Cauthess (it's in the middle of the map, east of Titan's location. Sania is located outside to the south.
Reward: 12,000 EXP, Safety Bit

No dungeon this time - instead, you must get a Griffon Feather from a Griffon. The easiest way to locate the beast is by accepting the 'Ruler of the Brave Skies' Hunt from the diner in south west Lesallum. It's just south of the city on the map, so take the car to the nearby camping up and head out when ready. Note that the Griffon Feather isn't a guaranteed drop - we got it on our second attempt - so either save before or be prepared to pick up the Hunt again in the event you don't get it.

The Griffon is recommended level 30, and is weak to Fire, Spears and Daggers. Ice and Light won't make much of a dent, so avoid those. Since it's a flying creature, it's best to take it on when it's on the ground. It's here when it's most dangerous, though, so stay alert. If it grabs you in its claws and spins you high above, you can Warp to safety as a part of a QTE when it lets go and just before you hit the ground.

Once vanquished, head back to Sania to start the last part of the quest, The Frogs of Legend, which has you find a handful more frogs before you're done with The Professor's Protege questline.

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