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Final Fantasy 15 - Decorations: Decoded solutions for Fountain, Plaza and Staircase in Listro Park

How to earn all the medals you need from the timed Carnival.

The three Decorations: Decoded quests are something a little different for Final Fantasy 15. Found as part of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, it has Noct decorate sections of a park by observing the rules set out in a series of riddles. Get the order correct, and you'll complete the quest.

To get started, head to Listro Park in the far north of the city, and you'll find three side-quest prompts. Chat to the attendants then investigate the gifts in front of each to hear the riddles and start sorting the decorations.

It's recommend you do them in order of complexity and reward - Fountain, Staircase then Plaza - unless, of course, you're following the solutions below. If you put a decoration in the wrong place, walk away and you have the option to end and reset the puzzle.

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Fountain Decorations: Decoded solution

"Less 'kupo' than 'kweh', s'il vous plait,
But a star-seated moogle would make my day."

Solution: Chocobo, Moogle, Chocobo

Staircase Decorations: Decoded solution

"For every 'kweh', there is a 'kupo'.
Between the squares, a moogle must go.
Atop the star, one bird shall doze,
While another roosts left of the rose."

Solution: Chocobo, Chocobo, Moogle, Moogle

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Plaza Decorations: Decoded solution

"A chorus of 'kweh' drowns out the 'Kupo'.
Left of the star roosts a Chocobo.
A moogle sits on the circle's side.
Left of the square does another reside."

Solution: Chocobo, Moogle, Moogle, Chocobo, Chocobo

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