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Final Fantasy 15 - Oedka ke Chocochicks locations for all 15 runaway chicks

How to earn all the medals you need from the timed Carnival.

Finding Oedka ke Chocochicks is one of the many side-quests as part of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, and has you running round the Carnival in search of 15 lost Chocobo chicks.

To get started, go to the sidequest prompt near Port West Station. Head up the stairs to the square, and chat to the attendant in front of the gift and plushie covered fountain.

The reward for finding the set is a meagre 10 Medallions, but since you're likely to bump into the vast majority as you're exploring the Carnival, it won't take long to mop up any left once you've seen most of the attractions.

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Oedka ke Chocochicks locations for all 15 runaway chicks

Each chick will run away when you get close. If you sprint after them, you'll catch up fairly quickly, though only press the Catch prompt when you see it on screen, otherwise you'll likely leap and miss it. Also note each chick will only appear once the quest has been started.

1. Go to the Port Station (where you first enter the Carnival) and go left down the pier, and left again, and it'll be out by the water.

2. Go east of Port Station - where you first start the Carnival - into the alleyway.

3. It's outside the Leille hotel (on the west of the city, at the top of the port area).

4. Go west across the bridge where you pick up The Brothers Kupomazov side quest giver in the middle of the city.

5. This is in the south west of the Carnival. Warp east of the Sonelia Plaza fishing spot across the canal, and it'll be by the columns.

6. This one is between Ministerial Quarter Station and Furgola Canal fishing spot in the centre of the city, not far from the street performer.

7. On the upper level just west of the Gurgola Canal fishing spot is a tourist photo stand. There is a walkway behind it where you'll find the chick.

8. This is right next to the fountain where you first spoke to the quest giver.

9. South of the Listro Park is where you'll find Kenny Crow dancing in the street. Go west over a bridge, then turn right to find the chick.

10. South of the Listro Park is where you'll find Kenny Crow dancing in the street. Behind it to the north is a tourist photo stand. Go right and it'll be in the alcove.

11. Head to the northern-most part of the city containing Listro Park, and on the south side is a walkway that circles round the bottom to the west. The chick will be on that walkway.

If you're interested in other activities from the event, our Moogle Chocobo Carnival guide provides an overview of activities, while we have locations and solutions for the Oedka ke Chocochicks, The Brothers Kupomazov, Seaside Scamper and Water Trotter Chocobo Racing courses and Decorations: Decoded.

12. This is north west of Listro Park, going left and down the steps of where you find the Fountain Decorations: Decoded side quest giver.

13. Go to the upper level above the Furgola Canal and Prize Counter points on the map in the centre of the city.

14. Outside a cafe in the north east of the city, on the level above and just north of the Prize Counter of the map, and a short walk from the Square Enix cafe.

15. Inside the same building as the Square Enix cafe and All About Moogles quest on the east side of the city (see above).

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