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Fight on Eurogamers

Plus full Live integration.

There was a time when readers were measured by user ids and kicked to the curb if they belonged in the twenty-thousands. How times have changed.

Now we have all sorts of numbers to pull from our pockets to prove how much we have accomplished, to show how worthy we are. But we liked the good old days, so we've decided to look for a solution.

What came out of our brain was "Eurogamer Fight!", a comprehensive dust-up that will take numerous facts and figures and smash them into your opponent's face. Just log in to Eurogamers and pop another user's name in the Eurogamer Fight! box on the right and see what comes out.

It coincides nicely with our fancy new Xbox Live integration for our Eurogamers community. It means all of the information you see on Microsoft's service when playing can be seen on our site. Shiny.

So now you can see who has earned the most achievements for games like Gears of War or Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 in a great big leaderboard, or spy on what people are playing and how well they're doing. Pick Kristan.

Full Live integration and fighting are just two things from a long list of features being developed for Eurogamers, our loving and harmonious community site. We're having a group hug later and you're all invited, just make sure you sign-up first - we won't even send you spam or watch you undress. And it's free. There's motorbikes, too, although we can't back that up.

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