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FIFA 23 fuses Pro Clubs and Volta progression

Crossing the teams.

FIFA 23 fuses Pro Clubs and Volta progression, EA Sports has confirmed.

Pro Clubs mode, a competitive 11v11 mode in which players control a single player as part of a club, has always been separate from Volta, a mode seen as a spiritual successor of sorts to the tricks and customisation-focused FIFA Street series.

In a presentation attended by Eurogamer, EA Sports developers insisted both Pro Clubs and Volta fit together.

"This is one of the things early on we wanted to start making sure that regardless if you're playing online with your friends, you're making progress in both spaces," Richard Walz, game design director on Pro Clubs and Volta, said.

"Customisation is something we've been doing in Volta for about two years, and we know from members of the Pro Clubs community, they've been asking for customisation. So the marriage of the two, and being able to spend your time in either mode and unlock customisation options for your avatar, it's just a perfect fit."

The unification of progression between the two modes means you can grow your virtual pro in Pro Clubs and Volta. Customisation and season progression is also shared between both modes, which means you can unlock content in both throughout the year. So, wherever you play, you earn Season points and Volta coins. While not all Volta customisation items work in Pro Clubs, tattoos, for example do, as well as face paint.

The decision to combine Pro Clubs with Volta is sure to raise eyebrows among the Pro Clubs community, which already feels burnt by the lack of crossplay in the mode at a time when FIFA 23 is bringing the much-requested feature to all 1v1 modes.

"When I play FIFA, I do it to connect with my friends," Walz added. "That's at the core of both Pro Clubs and Volta modes. So what we've done this year is bring those experiences a little bit closer together and reward you for spending your time in the more authentic Pro Clubs way, or just sharing a laugh in Volta football. So we've developed features that help you do just that."

FIFA 23 comes out 30th September for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch. Check out our FIFA 23 gameplay preview for more.

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