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FIFA 22's customisable pitch lines are causing an accessibility problem

Grass is greener on the other side.

FIFA 22's customisable pitch lines are causing an accessibility problem, players have said.

FIFA 22, like FIFA 21, lets you customise your stadium for use in FIFA Ultimate Team. And, like FIFA 21, FIFA 22 lets you change the colour of the pitch lines.

There are a raft of colours available, including a green that is close to the colour of the virtual grass.

For FIFA 21, EA Sports changed the way online play worked in Ultimate Team so the away player always saw the default white pitch lines, preventing issues with accessibility.

However, for some reason FIFA 22 failed to launch with this feature, and so away players are forced to see - or in some cases struggle to see - their opponent's pitch lines.

I've verified this is the case myself, venturing online in Ultimate Team and coming up against my opponent's customised pitch lines. And yes, some players are using the green colour in an attempt to make it hard to tell where the lines are, particularly in combination with the certain pitch mow patterns. This problem impacts all versions of the game except Nintendo Switch.

"I've played against, at least three times this FIFA (never on 21), players with orange/brown-ish pitch lines," said redditor Aupinho_. "The thing is that I'm colour blind and couldn't see clearly where the lines were."

Image credit redditor bobmclaffah2.
Image credit redditor Jutemp24.

After Eurogamer got in touch with EA to ask why this was the case in FIFA 22, EA Sports added the issue to the developer's Trello board as a point of investigation. There's no ETA on when a patch sorting it out will be issued.

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