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FIFA 22 best goalkeepers: The best GKs and keepers in FIFA 22

The top keepers in FIFA 22 and where to find them.

The best FIFA Goalkeepers should be one of the most urgent signings for your to consider, as they are the last line of defence for you and your team.

This page explains the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22 - otherwise known as GKs - in order of their overall rating.

As always though, be sure to take a look at the specifics depending on what you want out of them, like GK Handling if you hate it when your 'keeper drops a rebound right in front of the opposition, or GK Kicking for setting up speeder counter attacks from a drop kick and speed for if you want them to rush out a little faster.

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FIFA 22 best Goalkeepers: The best GKs in FIFA 22 listed

At the very top, the goalkeeper rankings have remained the same - with Atletico Madrid's Jan Oblak staying put with a 91 ranking. However below that, the top five has seen a shuffle, with last year's number four Neuer now in second, Marc Andre Ter Stegen dropping a place to third and last year's third place goalkeeper Alisson now in fifth.

Perhaps the biggest change is Gianluigi Donnarumma - placed 13th last year with an 85 ranking, and is now in fourth after climbing to 89.

Jan Oblak is proving hard to shift from the top spot. Image credit: EA Sports
1Jan OblakAtletico Madrid91
2Manuel NeuerBayern Munich90
3Marc Andre Ter StegenBarcelona90
4Gianluigi DonnarummaPSG89
6Thibau CourtoisReal Madrid89
7EdersonMan City89
8Keylor NavasPSG88
9Wojciech SzczesnyPiemonte Calcio87
10Hugo LlorisTottenham Hotspur87
11Samir HandanovicInter86
12Koen CasteelsVfL Wolfsburg86
13Kasper SchmeichelLeicester City85
14Peter GulasciRB Leipzig85
15Yann SommerM'gladbach85

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Other things to know about picking the best FIFA Goalkeeper

As we alluded to above, there are a few additional things to bear in mind when choosing your goalkeeper in FIFA 22, with slightly different factors becoming more or less important depending on the mode you're playing.

It's a shame goalkeepers aren't actually this big as it would be easier to keep clean sheets.
  • For Career Mode, potential is important too - Some players have higher built-in potential for growth than others, and if you're planning on playing at least two seasons of Career Mode then it's going to have a major impact on your squad. It's also a great way to pick up a bargain, too.
  • For Ultimate Team, remember you can use Chemistry Styles - Chemistry Styles, if you didn't know, add up to a whopping 90 points to your player's attributes, spread according to the Style you choose. For Goalkeepers, the Cat and Glove styles are the most popular, but you can read more on Chemistry in general in our guide to how FIFA Chemistry works, and likewise the best FIFA Chemistry Styles in our detailed guide to those, too.
  • Think about your style of play when looking at stats - We mentioned this briefly above, but certain keepers will work better in certain situations.

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