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FIFA 12 PC, 360 demos out now

PS3 demo tomorrow.

The FIFA 12 demo has been released on Xbox Live Marketplace and on PC.

In it, you can play as Arsenal, Barcelona, Milan, Man City, Marseille, and Borussia Dortmund. No United, despite Rooney being a FIFA 12 cover star.

City's Etihad Stadium (Day and Dry) is the only available pitch. Matches are three minutes a half.

There are demo tutorials for standing tackle, sliding tackle, jockeying, running jockey, contain, team mate contain and push pull.

You can queue the 1.42GB demo for download from the Xbox website. The PC FIFA 12 demo is slightly larger at 1.5GB.

On the dashboard, you may have to search under E for EA rather than F for FIFA.

The PS3 FIFA 12 demo will be released tomorrow as part of the weekly PlayStation Store update.

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