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Fez developer Polytron is "working with Sony"

Mac and Linux ports are still on the way.

While Fez 2 was unceremoniously cancelled over the weekend, developer Polytron's producer Marie-Christine Bourdua confirmed that the studio has more projects to reveal, some of which it's collaborating with Sony on.

The owls are not what they seem.

Bourdua confirmed to Joystiq that Mac and Linux ports of Fez are still in development, despite creator Phil Fish fleeing the games industry, and she added that "there's other stuff on the way, too." She also noted that the studio is "working with Sony" on... something.

It's unclear is this will be a PS3 and/or Vita port of Fez or something else entirely, but the former seems likely, especially as in March Fish said "Fez should eventually be out on pretty much everything," in a Reddit AMA.

I've asked Polytron to clarify what it's working on, as well as what the studio even consists of these days. For a long time it was just Fish and programmer Renaud Bédard, who's since joined Capybara Games. Perhaps he's wrapping up Fez ports in his off-time with Bourdua?

Elsewhere, Bourdua and Bédard told Joystiq that neither of them knew about Fez's cancellation until it was publicly announced. "It was weird and special to learn it that way, but I respect and trust Phil a lot, so that's totally fair that he decided that and he has his reasons," said Bourdua.

"We learnt it the same minute you did," added Bédard. "The development of Fez 2 is up to him. If he decided [to cancel it] now or he decided it at the end of development, it's easier to cut it out now, than it is to say 'Hey, we've been working on this for years and I'm not feeling able to finish it.' So in that way it just makes more sense."

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