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Fez developer moves onto Kinect project

Super Hypercube next up from Phil Fish.

With development on keenly-anticipated multi-dimensional platformer Fez finally wrapping up, its creator is moving onto a Kinect project.

Speaking in an interview with Gamasutra, Polytron founder Phil Fish explained that work is well underway on a "head-tracking puzzle game" called Super Hypercube.

The title started life four years ago at Canadian indie collective Kokoromi as a Wii game but "was kind of messy, so nobody ever played" it.

"Then when Kinect came along we saw it would be a perfect fit, so we got that working," he added.

"It was a finalist at IndieCade a couple of weeks ago, and Microsoft seemed interested, and we might actually do something."

You can see the original Kinect-free version of the game in action below.

Fez is due out some time early next year on Xbox Live Arcade.

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