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F.E.A.R. PS3 slips too

Frightfully annoying.

Ubisoft isn't the only publisher having trouble bulking up for PlayStation 3's European launch, with Vivendi confirming this week that F.E.A.R. has also slipped.

The first-person shooter - a huge critical success on PC and Xbox 360 - had been expected to launch alongside the console on both sides of the Atlantic, but unspecified delays mean that it's yet to appear in the US and won't be out here until 20th April by the publisher's current estimate.

That's a shame because, as you'll know if you checked in with our first impressions, it's shaping up handsomely. Not wanting to give the impression of favouritism, the developer handling the console conversions - Day 1 Studios - has introduced one exclusive weapon each to the 360 and PS3 versions. In this case, it's a rapid-fire shotgun. You've also got another exclusive level, giving you yet another take on the events that led up to all that running around in a skyscraper knocking over tables and going NEEEEEEOOOOOOOORRRRRRR in slow-motion.

All of which we should be articulating for you again soon when it comes time to review. In the meantime, why not admire some shots and a trailer on our gamepage?

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