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Far Cry 6's previously-pulled Danny Trejo DLC now officially released

Yara good to go.

Far Cry 6 has now officially released its Danny Trejo crossover missions, after mistakenly making them available in an unfinished state.

Danny & Dani vs Everybody sees players teaming up with Trejo - who just plays himself - to help him move to Yara and "make his world-famous tasty tacos to feed the hungry".

Completing this mission then opens up Far Cry 6's sixth and final Special Operation, which sees Trejo aid you in protecting a student protest.

For true fans of the Heat, Con Air and Breaking Bad actor, Trejo's "signature real-life outfit and taco truck" are also included.

Some of this content was accidentally included in Far Cry 6 last month, when it was temporarily removed until fully ready.

"Far Cry 6 is not quite the revolution, but a solid entry all the same," our Ian wrote in Eurogamer's Far Cry 6 review. "There's plenty that's familiar about the latest entry in Ubisoft's open world shooter, but that doesn't stop it being a blast."

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