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Fallout Miami mod trailer reveals huge "vacation wasteland"


If you're feeling tired of dreary post-apocalyptic Boston, not to worry, as a Fallout 4 mod plans to send you on your very own radiation vacation.

Fallout Miami is a new-world mod that has been in development for several years, but the team behind it have now released an official trailer to display their work so far. It's pretty impressive: the first zoom-out shot feels like something you'd see in an official Fallout trailer, and it's clear the mod will contain some fully-fledged questlines to keep players hooked. The neon logo also gives off serious Floridian vibes.

So what else do we know about the mod? Looking at the information given by the modders on their blog and subreddit, they want Fallout Miami to be comparable to official DLC, with "a main quest, multiple side quests, new items and a large cast of voiced characters". If you hadn't guessed from the name already, the mod is set in Miami beach, with a map size "slightly larger than Far Harbor". The core subject matter of the mod seems to be an "ideological struggle between Order and Freedom," which seems to sit nicely with themes found in previous Fallout games such as New Vegas.

The perfect place to get a killer tan (literally).

Speaking of which, in order to create a genuine Miami setting, the modders built new factions to make the location more believable (let's be honest, NCR soldiers would look somewhat out of place). So far they have The Nuclear Patriots, The Dreamers and The Cubanos, all of which have their own unique designs and backstories. The modders are currently working on a new group called The Tide Riders - a bunch of "surfer-hunter-gatherers" with a hippy ghoul leader named "Max Guru". Despite taking a dip in the radioactive seas, Max is apparently entirely unphased by the whole nuclear apocalypse thing.

Concept artwork for tribe leader and local surfer-dude, Max Guru.

Although the modders have organised some internal deadlines, there is no official launch date for Fallout Miami, as the team feel unable to guarantee a set date for release. The mod will also only be available for PC, as the sheer scale of the project means it would be difficult to release on Xbox, while Sony's policy on external assets also kills the possibility of it coming to PlayStation.

If you want to stay up to date on the mod's progress, make sure to keep an eye on the development blog. Or, if you fancy taking a more active role, you can apply to join the team here.

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