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Fall Guys clone Stumble Guys tops iPhone app chart

Copy that.

There's a familiar-looking game at the top of the iPhone app chart here in the UK, a battle royale platformer based on colourful obstacle courses and It's a Knockout-style survival rounds.

But it's not Fall Guys, no. This is Stumble Guys, a suspiciously-similar app that's also in the top 10 chart on Google Play.

As reported by MobileGamer.biz, Stumble Guys has been around for a while in soft launch, before exploding in popularity this year. Downloads have spiked over the past few months, with up to 1.5 million players now downloading the game per day.

Here's Stumble Guys in action.

The impending arrival of Fall Guys as a free-to-play game, and on Nintendo Switch and Xbox as well as PlayStation and PC, seems to have coincided with the explosion in Stumble Guys downloads.

Stumble Guys earned $6.6m in revenue in June, according to revenue figures from smartphone store analyst firm Appmagic, quoted by MobileGamer.biz.

Of course, Fall Guys is not available on smartphone platforms - and it will be interesting to see if it does ever turn up there, considering the history between developer Mediatonic's owner Epic and both Apple and Google.

Regardless, search for "Fall Guys" into the iPhone app store, and Stumble Guys is currently the top result.

Eurogamer plays Fall Guys - the proper one.

The app describes itself as the "multiplayer party knockout game on mobile" and features levels that look like very close copies of Fall Guys' rounds. This includes levels with Fall Guys-style rotating hammers and bumpers, and the Fall Guys survival level where floor tiles disappear. At the end of each round, eliminated players are shown disappearing off the bottom of the screen, again like Fall Guys.

Stumble Guys is the work of indie studio Kitka Games, an outfit founded in Finland which lists only five staff.

Eurogamer has contacted both Kitka Games and Fall Guys maker Mediatonic for comment.

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