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Fall Guys' adorable Red Panda costume is available now for a very limited time

It's bean fun.

If you like the look of Fall Guys' latest costume you'd better be quick - it's only available until Tuesday, 16th February.

Of course, it's no coincidence that the new Red Panda outfit release today, on Valentine's Day, but while it's described as a Valentine's "gift", it's not quite free love, as the cute costume will set you back 1000 kudos per piece.

"This Valentine's Day Fall Guys has fallen for the players with a heartfelt message and a special Valentine's Day gift!" states the press release blurb. "From today through February 16th, passionate players can deck their jelly bean out in the world's most adorable Red Panda costume."

The announcement comes with a perfectly kitsch Love Actually homage, too:

Fall Guys' third-and-a-half season of content is now live on PlayStation and PC, bringing with it an ever-welcome mid-point freshen-up.

It includes a brand-new round, over 40 variations for existing game types, and more.

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Fall Guys

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