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Ex-WOW devs to reveal new game

At PAX Prime.

Red 5 Studios, the developer founded in 2006 by ex-World of Warcraft creators, will reveal its team-based action shooter at the upcoming PAX Prime 2010 show in Seattle, US.

The news was first reported by Big Download.

It was then confirmed in a tweet from Red 5, which read: "Well, I guess the news is out. Red 5 will definitely have a major presence at PAX. We're looking forward to it!"

Little is known about the game. In January 2009 ex-WOW team lead and Red 5 chief creative officer Mark Kern said the game would be more concerned with creating a world that would change over time based on players' actions, rather than a huge geographical space.

"We want players to actually change the state of the game over time. Time is a very important concept to our game," Kern said.

"We play with it in any number of ways. It is probably our key form of persistence, more than, say, geography... It's more about how this world evolves over time, versus how big your world might be."

PAX Prime will begin in early September. Expect more details then.

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