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Ex-Nintendo indie game guru Dan Adelman now working on Chasm

"I guess I have a type."

Nintendo's former manager of digital distribution - i.e. the guy who brought indie games to Nintendo platforms - has now joined up with Discord Games to work on its "Metroidvania" roguelike Chasm.

We reported on Chasm when it first launched its Kickstarter in April of last year. It ended up succeeding its $150K goal with $191,897 and is now slated for release in the back half of 2015 on PS4, PC, Mac and Linux - though other platforms are under consideration.

"I am very excited to be working with Discord Games on Chasm," said Adelman. "While checking out the alpha, I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful art style, varied level design, and procedurally generated world maps. No two people will play the game in the same way. The whole package jumped out at me as a game I really wanted to be part of."

"As developers, our continual focus is on making an amazing game for players. The business side has never been our passion," said president of Discord Games James Petruzzi. "We are extremely excited to have Dan's guidance. His expertise and experience will ensure that the business and marketing side is given the same focus as the development itself."

Previously, Adelman announced that he was lending his business know-how to the upcoming PlayStation-exclusive Metroidvania adventure Axiom Verge.

"I guess I have a type," Adelman joked on his blog. "I'll be the first to admit - there are definite similarities in terms of the genre and overall framework. Tight controls. Challenging boss fights and a wide range of enemies. But it's the differences that really make both games stand out as prime examples of how much variety you can have within one genre. A genre that I tend to be a big fan of!

"I've been thinking about it, and the best analogy I can come up with is that Axiom Verge is to Cave Story as Chasm is to Spelunky. Combat in Chasm is much more up-close as opposed to being more of a shooter. There is a far greater emphasis on the platformer aspect of the gameplay: timing jumps, avoiding obstacles, just barely reaching that ledge."

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