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Ex-Bungie devs' Fallen Frontier revealed

Side-scroller with a Shadow Complex vibe.

Former members of Halo creator Bungie have unveiled their new game: a science fiction 2D side scrolling shooter called Fallen Frontier.

Its announcement gameplay video is below.

Fallen Frontier is from Moonshot Games, founded by former Halo creators Michel Bastien, Damián Isla and Rob Stokes.

According to the official blurb, Fallen Frontier offers "fast-paced tactical combat, vast interconnected worlds, and an original hard sci-fi universe". "Using firearms, grenades, and various special abilities, you'll confront, confound, and conquer your enemies. Fallen Frontier features both single player and co-operative play and leverages the very best design principles learned in our years at Bungie."

Launch platforms and a release window are yet to be announced, but more information will be revealed soon.

Fallen Frontier does not yet have a release date.

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Fallen Frontier

Xbox 360

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