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Every Extend for Live Arcade

Extra extra.

With so much going on at GDC last week, we almost forgot to tell you that Q Entertainment's Every Extend Extra is on its way to Xbox Live Arcade, so we're asking for a time extension - something the game would presumably allow.

The new version - dubbed "Every Extend Extra Extreme" - was shown off by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and pals in a hotel suite close to the San Francisco event, where it was revealed that it now takes an endless approach, rather than culminating in boss encounters.

Based on freeware game Every Extend, the PSP Every Extend Extra and its new friend on Live Arcade are about detonating rather than shooting. As enemies appear on-screen, the player has to try and set off a chain reaction of explosions and earn combo bonuses by using well-timed detonations.

The "Extreme" version introduces new power-ups that extend the speed meter and invincibility after you respawn, while it's also possible to have many more enemies on screen than in the recent PSP version. Say hello also to the "S4 mode", which allows you to insert your own music to back the levels.

Mizuguchi says that Q is considering pricing strategies, with the likelihood being we'll see a single download rather than a split approach, ala Lumines Live. Whatever the situation, it's looking very pretty in screenshots, and it sounds like it could improve considerably on its already excellent PSP predecessor.

With full high-definition sound and video support (reportedly 1080p), competitive multiplayer modes, and the usual array of achievements, it should be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade sometime this year.

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Every Extend Extra Extreme

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