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Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2009


3. Modern Warfare 2

Activision, Infinity Ward / PC, PS3, Xbox 360

What we said: "Modern Warfare 2 balances the spectacle and silliness of its single-player campaign with a deep, enduring multiplayer core, carefully covering its bases for players of all persuasions. But there is no denying it seeks merely to build upon the successes of its forebear while doing very little to expand its scope or redefine them."

DiamondIce says: "More of the same but this is what made COD4 so good. Campaign wasn't as good but the action was there is huge amounts with some interesting new elements like the skidoos and boat bits."

pablodiaboloescobar says: "The plot may have had some flabbergasting holes in it and wasn't particularly well explained, but I still had a massive grin on my face at, 'Da, I know a place'. Like everyone else it's all about the multiplayer for me. So many hours piled into this and so many more to come."

Scurrminator says: "Spec ops and multiplayer - that is all."

Juninho says: "Simply the best multiplayer experience I've ever had. Compelling, addictive and fun. The single-player is impressive without ever being that enjoyable though."

DFawkes says: "They took everything and turned it up to 11. It did end up making it a bit silly, but good-silly. Multiplayer is like an 18 rated shooty Mario Kart in its randomness, and I love it!"

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Eidos, Rocksteady / PC, PS3, Xbox 360

What we said: "Rarely does a game do a character justice in such a satisfying way. Arkham Asylum finds room for every major aspect of Batman's enduring appeal, and it does so in a game compelling enough to work even without its masked star. Fans of the caped crusader really shouldn't hesitate - this isn't just the best grown-up Batman game, it's the best superhero game, bar none."

Optimaximal says: "It's simply the most balanced game out this year - it doesn't get much wrong, and as a result, gets most right. Playing Batman has never been more cool or less kitsch."

psychokitten says: "A very polished complete experience, fell a little flat towards the end and could have used some more variation in the boss battles, but overall few games were as enjoyable this year."

damatman says: "This game has a fantastic combination of stealth and action elements glued together with a compelling story which made me want to see how it all concludes. The amazing environment of Arkham Asylum is brought to life with fantastic visuals and a need to explore every nook and cranny to solve all of the Riddler's challenges. On top of the amazing single-player story the challenge rooms give players more of what makes the game fantastic, with the chance to beat your friends on online leaderboards, which is always a good laugh."

atomboy says: "Superb attention to detail."

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