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Eurogamer.net Podcast #94: That was the news 2011!

Wes, Bertie, Fred and Tom P battle it out quiz style.

Yes! Welcome to episode 94 of the Eurogamer.net Podcast! As the year grinds to a halt, it's time to reflect on the games that have made suffering the internet bearable. But it's not all about working out which game is better than that other game and putting it into a list. Sometimes, it's about the NEWS.

One of those sometimes is this time, so we've prepared a very special end of year special podcast that is all sorts of special, and also a quiz. Senior staff writer Robert "Bertie" Purchese asks the questions, does funny impressions and has no idea what the score is. Eurogamer news editor Wesley "bulls**t" Yin-Poole, US news editor Fred Dutton (who just got off the plane from Baltimore) and website and video administrator and writer wizard Tom "I don't need HD graphics or Achievements to enjoy Zelda" Phillips answer the questions, recounting the biggest stories from one of the most tumultuous years in video gaming history.

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Who can forget the PSN hack? Or Geohot jailbreaking the PS3? Or the Nintendo 3DS price cut? Or the Xbox Live hack-oh no wait that was phishing and there is definitely NO EVIDENCE OF A HACK!? We can't. That's why we're on the quiz.

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