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Eurogamer.net Podcast #59

Mutilation! Iwata's attack! Dragon Age 2!

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The Game Developers Conference has finished, and it also happens to have finished Eurogamer Operations director Tom Bramwell, poor sausage, who should go home and rest judging by his performance on this week's podcast.

Unfortunately, forcing Tom to take part meant his rudder role on podcast lacked gusto. So thank the heavens that Tom Champion and Tom Bramwell successfully convinced senior staff writer Robert "Bertie" Purchese to join them. He's brilliant I love him it's the only reason I tune in. See what happens when Christian Donlan can't do it? That's right, pandemonium.

This week the word waffle covers that very same Game Developers Conference, which went all retrospective and peered back sassily on this, its 25th year. That made for a fantastic, bubbling cauldron of developer activity, from rousing speeches to Nintendo's numero uno Satoru Iwata uncharacteristically being on the attack. Tom Bramwell tells us all about it while Bertie tries to interrupt.

Next the triple-headed Eurogamer blabber beast blasts off about GAME's wacky idea to allow pre-orders of pre-owned games, which are available a week after release for a snipped £33.99. It just ain't right, or is it? We then plough into Bertie's Sandy Island treasures and predict what Metacritic score Dragon Age II will quest off with.

The Three then offer their best to the lads on the frontline - those Eurogamer readers being tortured this week, literally, at a mega MotorStorm Apocalypse showdown. Ignatius Cheese, Jetset_UK, andyk and Razz head to London tomorrow evening to battle against other gaming websites. They're doing it for you, for us, for Eurogamer. Oh and a chance to fly off to E3 in the summer. Give it your all, lads, we're behind you!

That's the podcast, the Eurogamer.net Podcast, which is published every Tuesday at 3pm UK time.

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