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Eurogamer.net Podcast #26

Starring Blacklight external producer Jamie Firth.

Go go go! Welcome to the Eurogamer.net Podcast, where this week host Tom Bramwell welcomes Ignition Entertainment's Jamie Firth to talk about Blacklight: Tango Down and other issues of the day.

Also on the show are GamesIndustry.biz deputy editor Alec Meer and Dan Pearson, who join in discussions about Transformers: War for Cybertron, Flick Football, Blizzard's Real ID adventures, OnLive and more.

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Released last week on Xbox Live Arcade, Blacklight: Tango Down is Ignition's ambitious, Unreal Engine 3-powered multiplayer first-person shooter, developed by Zombie Studios, and Firth talks about the goals behind the game and the reception since it launched, including his reaction to our review.

We also get into important issues, such as the announcement of Dragon Age 2 and Activision's defence of Blur's slow sales in the US, and there is an important, possibly industry-redefining conversation about what "triple A" actually means as well.

Plus we have reflections on our personal gaming low points, and your questions for Jamie. To round it all off, we have a visit from our old friend hyphen.

Check it out now, and if you're a fan of the podcast make sure to keep your ears peeled for a special bonus edition coming to you later this week from the Develop Conference in Brighton, when we will be joined by adventure game luminary and one of the nicest men in the world, Charles Cecil. If you have any questions for Charles, let us know in the comments below or catch us on Twitter.

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