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Eurogamer.net Podcast #25

Crackdown 2! APB! Super Nintendo! Horses!

Boom! The Eurogamer.net Podcast is 25 episodes old and we celebrate in style this week by managing to talk about two games released this month, and Tom's growing and inexplicable infatuation with Kinectimals, among other riveting subjects.

Eurogamer.net editor Tom Bramwell is your host, and is joined by reviews editor Oli Welsh, the noise of seagulls, and deputy editor Ellie Gibson and her menagerie of FarmVille animals. Yes.

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Crackdown 2 and APB are the main subjects of discussion: two games, developed within several miles of each other in Scotland by cross-pollinated teams of action-loving openworld veterans, which have somehow managed to come out within a week of each other.

We talk about how Crackdown 2 has evolved from its cult-favourite forebear, and we also dive into the reaction to APB - perhaps unexpectedly low-scoring - and talk about Realtime Worlds co-founder Dave Jones' measured response and the seemingly exciting future of the game. It also gives us a chance to discuss MMO launches and the difficulties of putting an in-development game on sale against mature adversaries.

There's also room for talk about Peter Molyneux's latest public proclamations, and we have a surprisingly wicked chat about our favourite gaming eras, inspired by a forum thread of the same theme.

In other words, it's all thoroughly game-related and on-topic, with relatively little divergence into FarmVille, Viva Pinata, seagulls and other shiny things that wander into our field of vision.

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Join us again next week at the usual time of 3pm BST on Tuesday, when we'll be joined by Jamie Firth from Ignition Entertainment, who will be able to talk to us about Blacklight: Tango Down and life as an internal producer. Hot.

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