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Eurogamer.net Podcast #20

Red Dead! Premium PSN! Namco guest!

The turmoil does not cease for the Eurogamer.net podcast's 20th edition. Having staged a coup d'état last week, replacing Tom Champion in the presenter's chair, Eurogamer.net editor and regular fixture Tom Bramwell swanned off altogether this week, muttering something about getting a better offer. He has a short attention span like that.

So, Tom Champion returns to restore some semblance of order, and he's joined by reviews editor Oli Welsh and special guest Lee Kirton. Lee is a veteran of videogames PR, currently head of UK PR for Namco Bandai.

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Rockstar's Western opus Red Dead Redemption dominates this week's gaming horizon - in silhouette, probably, with is hat pulled down over its eyes and whistling a mournful tune - so we discuss that, getting stuck in to its multiplayer options in particular. The arcade racing face-off between Blur and Split/Second also gets some attention.

In the news - or rather the rumours - is the possibility of Sony announcing a premium, paid version of PSN at E3. What form will it take - and will it be worth the money? Meanwhile, Forum Affairs arguments are put on hold for a higher purpose, as we big up forumite thepaddedcell's clever iPhone game, Monster Hunt (with codes!).

Then it's over to Lee, who answers your questions on all things Namco Bandai, reminisces on his long career, talks about the highs and lows of videogames PR and pimps his games a bit. Well, quite a lot actually, but we'll let him off because one of them is Test Drive Unlimited 2, and Oli feels much the same about TDU as Brammers does about Viva Pinata.

We even talk about review scores with Lee and it's not awkward at all! Well, only slightly awkward.

Background reading!

Join us next week as we find out if it's still possible - or desirable - for two Toms to be in one place at the same time.

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