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Eurogamer.net Podcast #116: Wii U hands-on impressions

Martin and TomP report back to TomB with their views on the best - and worst - of Nintendo's new console.

Hello and welcome to another thoroughly well-planned Eurogamer.net Podcast! It's #116!

With regular host Tom Champion busy blu-tacking things on walls for Rezzed, it's up to Tom Bramwell to cajole wayward Nintendo fans Martin Robinson and Tom Phillips (that's me!) into our plush recording studio.

The topic of the day is Nintendo's new console, which Robinson and I went hands-on with last week. We have frank discussions on which foods you could balance on the Wii U tablet controller, what part of the system may need a coathanger-based peripheral and why Martin was forced to play decomposing zombie game ZombiU - twice.

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What are our favourite games so far? Spoilers: Mine was Nintendo's own Pikmin 3, Martin's was Platinum Games' intriguing P-100. But you'll have to listen to find out why.

Every launch line-up has its array of stinkers, too, so its only fair we round up the less impressive offerings and consider the titles you should potentially avoid.

And what about the hardware itself? Can you get used to holding a dinner tray-sized control pad? Is Nintendo able to do HD? And what's up with the system's third-party support? Listen in to find out, or gaze at our beards via the medium of video below.

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