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Euro PS3 delay "helped" games

Says Sports Interactive boss.

Sports Interactive chief Miles Jacobson believes the five-month delay in Europe has helped strengthen PlayStation 3's launch line-up.

"I'm excited by the amount of quality in the launch titles for Europe," he sportingly divulged. "And the five month delay has certainly helped from that perspective."

It's a convincing argument, with titles like MotorStorm, Virtua Fighter 5 and Virtua Tennis 3 heading a healthy European release list; games that weren't available at either the US or Japanese launch.

"Cost could become an issue later on in the cycle, and a good online system will be important, but for early adopters, it'll be all about the games," added Jacobson.

Last night Sony confirmed that the PS3 will launch across Europe on 23rd March and will cost you GBP 425, EUR 599, or three magic beans.

Alongside the announcement was a list of more than 30 launch titles, both full and downloadable games. You can also peek at the previously published perky peripheral prices.

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