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Epic won't do PS3 exclusive

Says it's too late to bother.

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein says that the Gears of War developer won't be doing a PlayStation 3-exclusive game, but that it's nothing to do with the system's likelihood of success - which he thinks is enormous.

Asked by our sister site GamesIndustry.biz why he wasn't doing one, Rein said, "I think that bird has flown the coop already on PlayStation 3 - they're not making launch titles any more, and we couldn't just start up a game tomorrow as an exclusive because it takes a few years.

"We are doing games for PS3 - Unreal Tournament - but I think the opportunity to do an exclusive has passed. I don't see Sony offering us a really great deal today to make that ass-kicking PlayStation 3 game, because by the time we finished, there would already be hundreds of great games on the platform. Gran Turismo, Killzone - they'll be on the sequels to those games by the time our game would come out, so it's just a timing thing," he said.

"For the next generation? Anything could happen... But that's five, six, seven, eight, nine years away, nobody even knows that yet."

For more of Rein's thoughts on the console wars, and why he thinks PlayStation 3 has what it takes to etc. and so on, check out the whole GamesIndustry.biz interview.

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