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Epic reveals latest roadmap and feature goals for next few months of Fortnite development

60fps for consoles! New events! Llama unicorns!

Epic has posted a huge update on the state of development for Fortnite, highlighting some of the major improvements and new features planned for the coming months.

Starting with a statement of intent for future development, Epic readdressed Fortnite's recent server woes and the significant bugs shipped in the 2.3.0 patch.

We don't consider either acceptable," it reiterated, "We have changed our release plans and processes to help improve quality of client builds, and scrambled people to make traction on backend scalability by any means possible." As such, it'll hopefully be smoother sailing for Fortnite in the months ahead.

And there's a lot in the works, starting with optimisations and matchmaking improvements. On the matchmaking front, Epic says that it's aiming to create matches with a more balanced distribution of skill. In terms of optimisation, future updates should reduce loading times from lobby to game, while back-end tweaks should deliver better level streaming with less hitches.

In the shorter term, console players can look forward to an optional 60fps mode. This particular improvement is due later this month for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and is "tuned for each console to maximize frame rate while minimizing loss of visual quality". 

Also planned to arrive in the next month or so are a number of reworked Limited-Time Modes. Epic says that it wants to iterate on, and improve, its existing LTM's and to build new ones. Initially, this should mean the release of a Blitz mode with shorter matches, modes with team sizes somewhere between squads and 50v50, a revamped 50v50 mode, and more.

Joining these new features and under-the-hood refinements are a number of planned quality of life improvements. These include the addition of Team Communication outside of voice chat, the ability to re-queue from the death screen, an option to preemptively hold down the search button while approaching a searchable object, a display showing the amount of ammo loaded into a gun on the weapon widget, and a larger map with zoom.

Elsewhere, Epic has its eye on expanded social features, enhanced audio, quickbar improvements, custom matches, and the introduction of items that go beyond weapons and consumables, and that will "allow for exciting new ways to play".

Rounding off the latest development update, which you can read in full of the Fortnite website, are a number of planned new cosmetic additions, and revisions of older items.

"The Art team has been having a blast coming up with cool ideas for cosmetics in Fortnite Battle Royale," said Epic, "Since the holiday event we've enjoyed seeing the community embrace outfits like the Fort Knights and Disco Heroes. That trend towards more adventurous items will continue."

To that end, you can perhaps expect the cosmetic likes of a new spacesuit outfit, a Chinese dragon glider, and the Llama Unicorn Pickaxe in the future - all of which you'll have already seen on your way down this page.

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