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Epic: PC Bulletstorm demo after launch

Eurogamer's review tomorrow.

PC gamers will have to wait until after Bulletstorm's release this Friday for a demo, producer Epic Games has announced.

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners were gifted a demo back in January.

"Bulletstorm PC demo is in the works!" tweeted Epic vice president Mark Rein. "Won't make it in time for ship date but should be available shortly after."

The console Bulletstorm demo unlocks upgrades to use in the full game's Anarchy multiplayer mode. Enticements include the items Crimson Leash and Stealth Armour.

Bulletstorm is a completely bonkers 'I don't care about being realistic' first-person shooter made by Epic-owned studio People Can Fly, the team responsible for hyper hell romp Painkiller in the past.

Bulletstorm made headlines recently when Fox News controversially reported that the game was helping to breed a generation of rapists. That eye-popping remark was made by psychologist and author Carole Liberman whose contribution, it was later discovered, was preferred by Fox News over a wise and thoughtful statement given by TechSavvy Global's Scott Steinberg.

He'd said, "Yes, [Bulletstorm is] shameless, but also knowingly so, because it actively aims to parody much of both the gaming field and larger cultural zeitgeist's more asinine elements".

Eurogamer's Bulletstorm review will publish tomorrow.

The entire Bulletstorm demo on console.

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We may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

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