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Epic is making big improvements to building in Fortnite's upcoming Season 3 update

And the latest Battle Pass is detailed.

Epic has revealed more on Fortnite's upcoming third season, including details of its improved building features and the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Building is, of course, one of the core features of Fortnite, setting it apart from other similarly styled games. Epic's upcoming building improvements seem intended to pick up the pace of construction in order to keep the flow of combat moving.

Season 3 will introduce a new feature called Turbo Building, which must be toggled on in the options menu. This makes it possible to hold down primary fire to quickly and continuously place a selected piece. It essentially lets players "paint" that piece into the world, which is handy for constructing simple structures - such as the staircase shown in the video below.

Epic has also reworked Battle Royale's network code so that the game no longer has to contact the server every time players switch between building pieces - something that can make the experience feel "laggy or unpredictable". The update should make things far more responsive, and the changes are due to come to Save the World mode at a later date.

Additionally, Fortnite's options menu will include a second new feature soon: Auto Change Materials. This, as its name suggests, will switch to another material when your current supply runs dry. Epic says this should allow for "quick defensive structures from flanking with less input and worry about running out of a particular material".

A glimpse at Season 3's newly unveiled Battle Pass.

There's one other important change to building coming too; currently, small objects such as furniture and shrubs are destroyed when a building piece is placed over them. However, certain larger objects - such as trees, rocks, and vehicles - will prevent building, and can cause sudden, unwelcome interruptions to your construction flow.

Come the Season 3 update, however, structures can be placed through all large objects "meaning you can now build pretty much anywhere at anytime!". All these changes should, says Epic, make for a faster, simpler, and more intuitive building experience.

In other Season 3 news, Epic has revealed the contents of its newest paid Battle Pass, which lets players earn exclusive gear and outfits by unlocking new tiers during play. Season 3's Battle Pass (which should take around 75-150 hours to completely unlock) offers 30 more tiers than last season's effort, and considerably more loot - this year loosely themed around "space". You can find full details of the Season 3 Battle Pass on Epic's website.

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