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Epic Games wants to shoot you

In Gears. At the weekend.

Epic Games will be online this Saturday playing punters at Gears of War, and for some reason they're publicising this fact rather than wearing ski masks and generally hiding from the crazy Internet weirdoes.

Cliff Bleszinski and Mark Rein will head the team of active Gears players, who will be staking out the Old Bones and Raven Down maps - the freebie ones released on Xbox Live Marketplace just recently.

All involved should be online between 7 and 9pm on Saturday 24th February, so if you can't be bothered to watch whatever talent show nonsense is on the TV that night and can't afford to drink yourself into the usual stupor, why not tag along? Speaking of which, here's a list of the relevant gamertags you'll be wanting note down:

  • Mark Rein, Vice President - EPICEMEAMR
  • Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Designer - EPICEMEACB
  • Rod Fergusson, Producer - EPICEMEARF
  • Lee Perry, Lead Level Designer - EPICEMEALP
  • Jim Brown, Level Designer - EPICEMEAJB
  • Dave Nash, Level Designer - EPICEMEADN
  • Ray Davis, Lead Programmer - EPICEMEARD
  • Joe Graf, Programmer - EPICEMEAJG
  • Rob McLaughlin, Programmer - EPICEMEARM
  • Pete Hayes, Artist - EPICEMEAPH
  • Additional Epic Staff - EPICEMEA01, EPICEMEA02, EPICEMEA03, EPICEMEA04, EPICEMEA05
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