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Enderal fans convert celebrated Skyrim mod for Special Edition

Standalone Steam release set for March.

Enderal fans have converted the celebrated mod for Skyrim Special Edition. It's live now on NexusMods.

A standalone Steam release is set for March 2021.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories is perhaps the best Skyrim total conversion mod around (check out our Enderal impressions from 2016 here). It's set in its own world with its own landscape, lore and story, with overhauled skill systems and mechanics, and "a dark, psychological storyline with believable characters". Enderal proved so popular it got a Steam page and a DLC expansion pack of its own. The trailer is below:

Last month, the makers of Enderal announced they had moved on to work on their own commercial game.

Update is the final patch for Enderal, SureAI said, as the team no longer has the time to keep on top of the mod. This also means SureAI will not create a port of the mod for Skyrim Special Edition (Enderal requires the original PC version of Bethesda's game to work).

So, Enderal fans set about creating a community-made, unofficial conversion of Enderal to the Skyrim Special Edition engine.

This Special Edition version of the mod features a new rendering engine that supports smoother image quality and improved lighting effects. There's also better performance and stability due to 64bit support, and there are the additional game fixes introduced by Skyrim Special Edition. Someone is already working on an Enderal VR mod, now Enderal works with Special Edition.

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