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Elite: Dangerous multiplayer footage comes in hot

Competitive and co-op gameplay looking good.

Frontier has released the second phase of space trading and combat game Elite: Dangerous to alpha backers, introducing multiplayer.

In the video, below, Frontier chief David Braben takes us through competitive multiplayer footage, before executive producer Michael Brookes delves deeper into the likes of evolving your ship, earning credits and co-op scenarios.

Multiplayer includes four distinct modes: free-for-all melee, two-team melee, co-op defense of a crippled Federal battlecruiser and a Pirates and Bounty Hunters mode.

"This is an incredibly exciting and important phase in the development of Elite: Dangerous," Braben said.

"Player stat tracking, the multiplayer networking code and associated management are all big new systems that are being tested with Phase 2.0 plus it's the first time we'll be able to test how the game mechanics perform with significant numbers of players all playing simultaneously."

Frontier plans to release two more major alpha released before Elite: Dangerous hits the premium beta stage.

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Elite: Dangerous

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