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Elite Dangerous gets long-awaited Multi-Crew feature today

Plus, "New mysterious things added."

Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.3 - The Commanders comes out today on both PC and Xbox One.

The update adds the long-awaited Multi-Crew co-op feature and the Holo-Me avatar creator for those who own the Horizons expansion.

Multi-Crew lets Commanders assume one of three specialised roles. At the helm is the Pilot, the Gunner handles secondary firing groups from a third-person tactical viewpoint and the Fighter flies from the cockpit of their own ship-launched fighter deployed from the mothership's launch bay.

And the hunt for aliens goes on. Inside today's patch notes for Horizons players are the following curious morsels:

  • New mysterious things added
  • New organics added to surfaces

We've reported on the alien hunters of Elite Dangerous before. No doubt this latest release will get the Canonn going again.

2.3 comes out after an extensive period in beta, and alongside the 1.8 update that's free for all players.

1.8 adds Starports carved into asteroids, Mega Ships and updates the mission system so players progress through new questlines. It also adds ship-naming, which caused a bit of a kerfuffle earlier this month.

Elsewhere, there's a new Camera Suite, which gives players a third-person camera for screenshots and film-making.

The patch notes in full are on the Elite Dangerous forums.

Meanwhile, Elite Dangerous: Horizons comes out on PlayStation 4 during the second quarter of 2017 - so before the end of June. It includes 2.3 - The Commanders.

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