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Elite: Dangerous beta 2 launches this month

The original 1984 version of Elite is now free.

Elite: Dangerous' second beta is due on 30th September, developer Frontier Developments has announced.

The 1984 version of Elite. Now free.

This second beta will add a host of upgrades including an additional 500 star systems to explore, a reputation system that influences merchants' attitudes and prices towards you, new weapons and upgradable life support modules, in-game news feeds about events in the galaxy, and plenty more.

Elite: Dangerous' first multiplayer beta is available right now for £50 ($75 and €60) through Frontier's online store, while you can pre-order the Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Pack - which includes the Eagle fighter, paint jobs, day one decal and other digital goodies - for £35.00 ($50 and €40).

If you pre-order the Mercenary Pack and decide you want to play the in-development game right now, you can upgrade your pre-order to include immediate beta access for £15.

CEO of Frontier David Braben, maintained that Elite: Dangerous is still set for a Q4 2014 release. "We are excited for people to start playing Beta 2 on 30 September - it's another major step forward in development, and the team continues to work hard towards the full release later this year," he said.

In addition to this second beta, Frontier commemorating the 30th anniversary of the original BBC Micro Elite by offering free copies of the 1984 game.

There will also be 10 days of reporting by Galnet, the Pilots Federation's news network from Elite: Dangerous. You can check that out here as Eranin celebrates its 30 year anniversary of independence from the Federation.

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