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Elgato Black Friday discounts are now live

Save up to £60 on a brand new capture card.

We've already witnessed plenty of deals in the run up to Black Friday but now it's in full swing, even more are coming through fast. Adding their name to the list is Elgato, who've just confirmed that several of their capture cards are now on offer.

Deals have gone live across Amazon and Currys PC World, offering discounts as high as £60 off. We've found a few of the best deals going, some of which are linked twice with different retailers in case stock runs out, so here's our main highlights:

Looking for more PC accessories? We've listed the best deals going for headsets and monitors, with further hubs for laptops and desktops if you're after some new hardware. If console gaming is what you're looking to capture, we've also compiled the best PS4 Black Friday Deals, Nintendo Switch deals and Xbox deals too. Keep an eye on the Jelly Deals Twitter too, where we'll post the latest top offers.

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