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Elden Ring player stumbles on unknown invisible boss

Beware of randomiser mods.

An Elden Ring player has accidentally stumbled on an unknown - and invisible - boss thanks to a randomiser mod.

YouTuber MythyMoo used an item and boss randomiser mod that mixes up the placement of acquired items and bosses, which can massively impact the difficulty of a run. The mod also mixes up the names of each boss.

Except, as PCGamesN reports, things took a turn when MythyMoo arrived in the Consecrated Snowfield, an area with various field bosses.

MythyMoo arrived at the placement of the Night's Cavalry boss and dispatched a load of lesser enemies. But where was the boss?

The sounds of chains and footsteps appeared, followed by an invisible boss with the name "Night's Hunter" above its health bar. The boss was incredibly strong and swiftly wiped out MythyMoo.

The streamer spent the rest of the stream aiming to defeat the boss, eventually using scarlet rot to attack from afar - at least, until another boss spawned.

So, who is this boss?

One commenter, Hot-Soup43, seems to have cracked it.

"My guess is that the 'Night Hunter' is invisible because when the Bell Bearing Hunter appears he does so through an invasion type trigger," they write. "Every time you see BBH he appears out of that red fog and his model loads in, that event doesn't exist outside that boss event so his model never loads in making him completely invisible."

So, this could in fact be the Bell Bearing Hunter under a different name, yet without the invasion trigger the boss exists but also... doesn't.

It's unclear whether this feat can be repeated, but if you're using randomiser mods beware of invisible bosses!

Check out the stream for yourself below.

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