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EGTV: Kane & Lynch vids

The power of two.

Everybody loves a great action double act: Mario and Sonic, Ratchet and Clank, Steve McClaren and a giant baseball bat to the face. We can't be sure whether Kane or Lynch, eponymous stars of IO's new third-person action-fest, would think it a good idea to give a 22 year-old goalkeeper his competitive international debut in a qualify-or-die clincher. But they sure know how to handle a firearm.

IO is best known for its lugubrious Hitman series - and one suspects Agent 47's phone will be ringing off the hook this morning with the entreaties of irate England fans. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a brand new franchise from the Danish developer, promising much and delivering... Well, we'll leave that bit to Kristan, who will be delivering his verdict later this week.

In the meantime, you can sample a Dead Men teaser triple-bill on Eurogamer TV, with direct-feed footage captured from the final build of the game.

Eurogamer.de is carrying footage of a violent car chase, in which Messrs. Kane and Lynch hang out the back of a van to take pot-shots at high speed.

Eurogamer.fr pulls a stocking over its face for a bank job, where the player must sneak his way into the vault, then, more satisfyingly, shoot his way out again.

And finally, right here in the land of national sporting misery, England fans can drown their sorrows in a nightclub, which Kane and Lynch visit to kidnap the daughter of the dodgy geezer who runs the place. This shows off some neat lighting effects, with your foes giving themselves away by flashing torches through the strobing disco mania.

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men is available across Europe from tomorrow.

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