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EGTV: Eurogamer in Rock Band

Iiiiiiit's The Better Than Halos!

First, SingStar transformed home entertainment for starry-eyed pop tarts, allowing us to realise our wildest Pop Idol fantasies. Then along came Guitar Hero, turning a generation of fret-wank wannabes into living room rock gods.

And now there's Rock Band. Guitar and vocals fuse its forebears' USPs, while drums add a brand new instrument into the mix. The ultimate promise is implicit in the game's title - but does Harmonix's latest truly allow you to recreate the experience of having your own rock band with just a few lumps of plastic and a console?

Fuelled by the collective bitterness of multiple failed X Factor auditions, Team Eurogamer took it upon itself to test this premise to its logical conclusion. So we formed our very own plastic-powered fantasy rock trio to tackle Radiohead's miserabilist epic, Creep.

And, with the able assistance of James the cameraman, we've produced a disgracefully self-indulgent 'promo' video in dignity-free Pose-O-Vision, with direct feed of the actual in-game performance to show you how it all worked out.

While the band goes backstage to inject heroin into their eyeballs, you may want to read Tom's full US import review of Rock Band. It's due out here on PS3 and Xbox 360 early next year.

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