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Eets and Pinball for XBLA

Another double-header.

Xbox Live Arcade's preggers again! And what do you know, it's twins. Somebody's been holding their hips above their head afterward, eh?

This week's duo make an unlikely couple, given that one's a wacky 2D side-scrolling puzzle game called Eets: Chowdown, while the other's the posh-looking Pinball FX.

Both games will go for 800 Microsoft points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30) and will be available tomorrow at 9am GMT with demo versions to accompany them. We've got galleries for both, too - there's little Eets and there's Pinball FX. Aw.

The codesmiths responsible are Klei Entertainment in Eets' case and Zen Studios for Pinball. The former are promising 120 levels and there's a PC demo floating around if you fancy taking a closer look. It's probably the easiest way to grasp what's going on.

Pinball FX meanwhile has three impressively 3D tables, head-to-head online multiplayer in real time for up to four players, and you can even dust off that webcam because apparently it's got gesture-based controls and live chat options. Blimey.

We'll be clacking and puzzling our way through both later in the week, so make sure your eyes are clean.

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Eets: Chowdown

Xbox 360

Pinball FX

Xbox 360

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