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EA's first XBLA title

Boom Boom Rocket.

EA has joined forces with Bizarre Creations, the team behind Project Gotham and Geometry Wars, to bring us Boom Boom Rocket for Xbox Live Arcade.

This rhythm music title will be the publisher's first foray into the world of XBLA, and carries a scheduled release date of spring 2007.

Originally conceived by Pogo.com, the game challenges you to trigger rockets to the beat of the music whilst travelling through a 3D cityscape. The better your timing, the higher your score.

Ian Livingstone has composed 10 original tracks for Boom Boom Rocket, each choreographed into three skill levels. Master these to unlock new firework designs.

"This is a perfect time to bring such a unique and custom-built arcade game to Xbox Live Arcade," said Chip Lange, EA vice president. "We've crafted Boom Boom Rocket to offer an intensely fun entertainment experience for the thriving community of hard core and casual gamers alike. It's only natural that our launch title comes from the Pogo team, given their remarkable success with casual games."

There's support for two players to compete on one console, and those of you who like to win can climb the online leaderboard.

We're not sure how many Microsoft points we'll need to dish out for the title. Geometry Wars cost just 400, so we're hoping the price doesn't Rocket up. Boom Boom.

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Boom Boom Rocket

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