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EA reveals FIFA Manager 11

Coincides with series' 10th birthday.

As of today, EA has been making FIFA Manager games for 10 years. And in celebration the publisher has announced FIFA Manager 11.

This new instalment brings improvements to tactics, transfers and online play. The action-card system of FIFA Manager 10 has been "considerably expanded".

On top of that, cup draws have been added, derby matches elevated, player levels revised, experience rethought, player searches refined and a separate World Cup tournament implemented.

Plus, there's the eternal promise of depth for old-timers and accessibility for newcomers.

FIFA Manager 11 is in development at Bright Future in Cologne. The game will be released during the sultry tones of autumn.

Eurogamer's FIFA Manger 11 gallery has the snaps.

Frank Lampard: playmaker.

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FIFA Manager 11


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