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EA may be forced to pull Diego Maradona from FIFA 22 over trademark row

Banned of God.

EA may have to remove Diego Maradona from FIFA 22 after a ruling by an Argentine court.

Maradona is currently available in various games in the FIFA series, including the recently-released FIFA 22.

In Ultimate Team Maradona appears as a coveted icon card, which features his likeness at various stages of his career.

According to Argentinian news website Infobae, a judge recognised a trademark rights claim on Maradona by Sattvica, the company of lawyer Matías Morla.

Apparently EA had done a deal with Maradona's long-time friend and former manager Stéfano Ceci, who could not prove he had legal powers to sign such documents.

Maradona's icon card is still available on the Ultimate Team transfer market.

The controversial Argentine football legend died of a heart attack aged 60 last November. Apparently Morla gained control of the Maradona brand last August in what sounds like a messy battle for control over the rights to one of the greatest footballers of all time.

A portion of Maradona's estate will go on sale next month after a decision made by his surviving children: Diego, Giannina, Dalma, Jana and Diego Fernando.

Maradona is currently still available in both FIFA 21 and FIFA 22's Ultimate Team. I imagine any FIFA player who's managed to snag a Maradona card won't be happy if it's pulled from the game. We've asked EA for comment.

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