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EA exec denounces toxicity in the games industry, stating "Leaders who fall short of basic standards must go"

"We have to have fair and safe work environments"

EA exec Laura Miele has delivered a powerful speech in which she called for more action to remove toxicity in the gaming industry, including the dismissal of leaders who "fall short of basic standards".

During her keynote speech at DICE 2022, Miele lamented the state the industry is currently in. "Let's face it, there have been some rough headlines," Miele said (via IGN).

"Stories about negligence and lawsuits, all stemming from leaders who failed to uphold standards we've come to expect... Women have been harassed, bullied, marginalised, held back in their careers, paid less, and much, much less".

"These are real stories, real human beings, and this is going on in companies in our industry... We have to have fair and safe work environments, at the very least. This is just basic table stakes", Miele said.

While never naming any names, Miele called for industry leaders to be held accountable for their actions and stated that those who "fall short of basic standards must go".

Many have interpreted this as aimed towards the likes of Activision and its controversial boss Bobby Kotick.

Kotick and Activision have been at the centre of many reports surrounding toxicity in the gaming industry recently, with numerous allegations of sexual harassment and workplace abuse currently being investigated.

"If companies can't figure this out and fix this burning issue, we don't get to move forward. We don't get to pass go," Miele said.

Miele clearly wants to change this narrative, and to bring equality and positivity into the industry.

Elsewhere Miele has previously stated: "Games are a powerful way to bring people together. They teach us how to problem solve, collaborate with others, and inspire creative thinking.

"And they are fun! From family game night as a child to gaming in the college computer lab, the power of play has always been a positive force in my life".

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