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Dying Light 2 release time in UK / GMT, EST and PST on Xbox, PS4, PS5 and PC

When you can get your hands on the open-world sequel.

Dying Light 2 - the parkour-infused open-world zombie sequel - is finally here, coming to consoles and PC after years of release date shuffling.

Set 20 years after the events of the original, it sees a world devastated by a mutated version of the original virus - with what's left of humanity congregated in the sprawling metropolis of Villedor, also known as The City, and it's here that new protagonist Aiden Caldwell finds himself while searching for his family.

Dying Light 2 releases on Friday, February 4th, and is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5. A cloud-based version will also be coming to Switch later this year.

This page explains the Dying Light 2 release time in your region, as well as when you can start pre-loading (to cut to the chase - it's already begun, if you fancy making a start now).

Looks Like Dying Light 2 Will Be Worth The Wait!

When does Dying Light 2 release on Xbox, PS4 and PS5?

If you are playing on a console, the Dying Light 2 release time on Xbox, PS4 and PS5 will be at midnight local time, regardless of your region.

This means as soon as it's Friday, February 4th where you are, you can begin playing. Our recommendation, however, is to get a good night's sleep first, so you can start playing fully refreshed in the morning.

The exception to the midnight release time is if you have a physical copy of the game, which means you can start playing it right away. If you do happen to get one ahead of launch - say if your retailer ships it early - then Techland recommends waiting for a Day 1 patch before starting.

When does Dying Light 2 release on PC? Dying Light 2 release time in UK / GMT, CEST, EST and PST

It's on PC where things become a little more complicated, with there being a global release time. The good news is that, in some regions, this will be ahead of the February 4th release date.

The Dying Light PC release time is as follows:

  • UK: 0:01am (GMT)
  • Europe: 1am (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 7pm, Thursday February 3rd (EST)
  • West Coast US: 4th, Thursday February 3rd (PST)

This means for those in Europe, you have to wait until midnight to start playing - the same as on console. If you are in the US, however, it means you can start playing on Thursday afternoon or evening, depending on where you live.

As for other regions beyond the above, the following release times map can help:

Dying Light 2 preloading time

In the week leading up until launch, developer Techland confirmed Dying Light 2 preloads will be available 48 hours ahead of February 4th, 2022 - meaning it should be available from when you are reading this.

If they aren't available, then waiting until Thursday might be best in case things are slightly delayed. However, going by the likes of PlayStationSize on Twitter, then it should be available - and shows an approximate 50GB download size:

This preloading time applies to all systems, except on Xbox - where pre-loads were made available earlier the week prior to release. In short - wherever you are playing, you can start downloading now.

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