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Dungeon Defenders 2 is a PS4 console exclusive

For now, anyway.

Dungeon Defenders 2 launches on PlayStation 4 in 2015, developer Trendy Entertainment has announced.

The free-to-play tower defence action role-playing sequel launched on PC via Steam Early Access this week.

Trendy's Philip Asher told Eurogamer the PS4 version will be "pretty much identical" to the PC version, so you can expect the same visuals, free-to-play model and microtransactions on PS4 as there will be on PC when the latter comes out of Early Access next year.

However, Trendy is working on redoing the game's heads-up display to accommodate controller-based gameplay. This work will be ported across to the PC version in order to support Steam users who would prefer to use a game controller. In fact, this PC controller support will probably launch before the PS4 version.

"It's a loot game, so just getting controller support in isn't necessarily enough to play the game," Asher said.

"We have to create an actual UI system that will let you manage your inventory."

Asher said the PC was the priority for Trendy as it set to work on Dungeon Defenders 2 because the first game sold best on that platform.

Then, when thoughts of a console version began, the PS4 came up because of Sony's progressive stance on free-to-play, Asher added.

"We thought about it for a while, and really the best fit for us was Sony and PlayStation with the free-to-play," he said. "That's how the console version came about. I think the game's a lot of fun to play on the controller."

Both the PC and PS4 version will feature local co-op.

"The thing that's most exciting to me is someone can go to Walmart and buy a PS4 and then go home and sit down and play something like this with their brother or sister without spending any money," Asher said. "That's going to be fun and cool."

Of course, news of a PS4 version begs the question: will there be an Xbox One version of Dungeon Defenders 2 at some point?

"It's going to be exclusive for 2015," was Asher's response when we asked. "Right now it's exclusive."

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