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Driver 76 for PSP

What if she doesn't want to?

Ubisoft's first Driver game since it acquired the licence in 2006 will be for the PSP.

Driver 76, developed by Sumo Digital and Reflections, will take place two years before Driver: Parallel Lines, in 1976.

There'll be donkeys of new missions awaiting you, both in car and on foot, as well upgradable and customisable vehicles. If you can't afford to spruce up your wheels, because you're a poor person and look like parrot, you'll have to get one of the new 'Side Jobs' to help pay the bills. Something like a shop assistant at B&Q we imagine, or a food technician at McDonald's.

You'll be able to download new paintjobs, and there will be multiplayer fun in Destruction Derby, Street Racing, Pink Slip Racing and Swap Meet modes.

It's all wrapped up in shiny 1970s New York package, so expect plenty of afros, flares, cheesey music and possibly Dirk Diggler.

The game's due for release in March, and you can disco-dance over to our gallery for the latest screenshots.

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Driver 76


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