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Dragon Quest 11 launches September for PC, PlayStation 4

Neverending tail.

Originally launched in Japan last summer, Square Enix role-player Dragon Quest 11 will finally arrive in Europe and North America on 4th September.

Well, the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions will. The 3DS version is not being brought over.

(There's no more word of the Nintendo Switch version, either - that's still in development and yet to launch anywhere.)

This Western version of the game will offer an English dub, harder difficulty option, photo mode and a new dash function - all of which were not present when the game originally launched in Japan.

Otherwise, it's the same third-person, swords and spells RPG you might expect. Here's a look at English-language gameplay:

You can pre-order now - well, when the link does go live - via the PlayStation Store and get a PlayStation 4 theme and other bits and pieces of DLC.

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