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Dragon Ball FighterZ pro player kills entire team in one combo

Hit me up.

Dragon Ball FighterZ players have come up with loads of "touch of death" combos - that is, combos that kill an enemy character outright. Now, one of Dragon Ball FighterZ best players has shown it's possible to kill an entire team of enemy characters with just one combo.

Dominique "SonicFox" McLean is perhaps the best Dragon Ball FighterZ player in the world, and he took to Twitter recently to show off his impressive combo skills.

The video shows SonicFox using character Goku Black as well as assists and super moves from teammates Android 16 and Hit to wipe out all three enemy characters with a monstrous 167-hit combo.

To achieve this, SonicFox takes advantage of the game's assist system. Arc System Works' 3v3 fighting game lets you call in assists to help the character in-play. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, as with similar tag battle games, bringing in an assist carries a risk because the character assisting can be damaged while they're on the battlefield. (SonicFox's Merry Christmas line refers to the fighting game community lingo "happy birthday", which is used to describe the rare moment when you nail a couple of opponent characters at the same time in this way.)

Dragon Ball FighterZ lets you call both assists close together so for a brief moment all three characters are in-play. Because of this, all three characters can be damaged by the same combo, and that's exactly what happens with SonicFox's combo.

Now, it's worth pointing out that this combo was performed in training mode against the training dummy, and that it requires a specific set of circumstances to pull off. For a start, it relies upon your opponent calling in both their assists at the same time and you managing to start a combo on all three characters, but you also need all seven super bars full and ready to go, as well as your spark, which increases damage, available midway through the combo.

So, don't expect SonicFox's eye-catching combo to all of a sudden dominate the Dragon Ball FighterZ online meta, but at least now we know a touch of death combo can kill an entire team in one fell swoop. And I wouldn't put it past SonicFox landing his Merry Christmas combo at a tournament!

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